About Us

How our meetings/club works


•Meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7pm

•Free to attend.

• We ask that you register as a ‘Guest’ at the front door of the Older Adult Center...there is always someone there to assist if you need. (It helps with their funding, and they give us this room for free)

•Meetings are meant to be informal and we try to create an open comfortable atmosphere

•General plan for meetings are as follows – yes we sometime deviate!

     Photo Sharing

          • Please email a maximum of 2 photos at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting to:


         •When a photo is presented, the photographer explains the photo, and the ball is then passed around the room for comments.        

         •Our Evaluation Methods (under construction)

     Knowledge share

           • Knowledge shares are presented by people who are willing to do some research in a specific area of photography. This does not imply that the presenter is an ‘expert’ but rather someone willing to lead the discussion since there is normally a number of people familiar with a wide area of photography.

·       Occur roughly once a month and last anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes.

           •Presented by members of the club or guest speakers.

           •If you feel comfortable in giving a talk please let me know!

      Live Edit

            •We sometimes pick a photo during a meeting to edit on screen to help show some common easy edits that make a large difference.

Photo walks/tasks

•Have the occasional photo walk or task as a club

•We have gone to the Island, Onaping Falls, Bell Park, Killarney, and more (needs to be more member support in these activities)

•We are always open to new suggestions on activities for members to help grow as photographers.



•Monthly challenges

•Submissions are due the first meeting of the month, voting takes place for two weeks after. Submissions to:


•You can quickly find out what has been updated since you last visit, by looking at the Newly Updated page

•Winner is posted with 3 days

•Winner picks the next month’s challenge subject (One word description)

•Free for all members, Albums cost $10 a year

•Can comment on others photos in albums

•Links page with helpful sites

•Copies of knowledge share presentations are posted